Santiago Gonzalez

Born and raised in South El Paso known as “Segundo Barrio” where he learned at an early age how to draw instead of working on his school assignments. “The teacher would always scold me for sketching all the time.” In 1971 his pen and ink won a bronze medal at the El Paso Museum of Art Scholastic Art exhibit. He was also awarded a LULAC art scholarship at El Paso Community College.


On April 19, 1994 an unveiling of his 10 x 24 mural painting at the Senior Citizens Center in South El Paso. The mural was a celebration of “4 Centuries 81”. The mural depicts a Conquistador and a friar in symphony of silver and brown tones viewing the Rio Grande at the Paso de Norte with the Franklin Mountain’s in the background. He enjoys painting on Sundays while listening to his oldies but goodies.


A self-taught artist with much ambition he joined Plein Air Painters of El Paso in 2012. He looks forward to going out painting and learning from the collective talent of his fellow artists.


Artist Statement:

"As an artist we combine our God given talents and draw or paint to transform our canvas to see our beauty come alive. Living here in El Paso we are so fortunate to have so much to paint and bring to life. We paint to comfort our souls and minds."

Some of the paintings may be available for sale. All of the artwork is ORIGINAL.

Artist accepts commissions, special requests, portraits, landscapes, etc.

To feature the artist's artwork in your gallery or for any other question, please contact Santiago at:




Purchase of an original or copy of the same does not give the right to produce or distribute.
The copyright remains the sole property of the artist(s) before and after any sale.
Images are protected under the artist's copyright and may not be copied, saved, altered, presented or exchanged without written permission from the artist.

Plein Air Painters of El Paso

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