Oween Rath

Pleinair painter Oween Rath is in love with the Southwest. Thanks to our nearly perfect weather, mornings or early evenings are used to capture the light that makes an ordinary view a spectacular one.


Oween taught in EPISD and now uses that expertise to give private and group lessons.


Oween's work can be seen in permanent display at the International Museum of Art, Riviera restaurant, Providence Hospital, and the El Paso children's hospital. Her work has been juried into the Scottsdale art fair, Ruidoso art fair, Kermezaar, the Christmas fair, and Las Amigas and during the year her paintings can be seen at prominent juried art shows throughout the city.

Some of the paintings may be available for sale. All of the artwork is ORIGINAL.

Artist accepts commissions, special requests, portraits, landscapes, etc.

To feature the artist's artwork in your gallery or for any other question, please contact Oween at:


 Email: Oweensbrushworks@aol.com


Purchase of an original or copy of the same does not give the right to produce or distribute.
The copyright remains the sole property of the artist(s) before and after any sale.
Images are protected under the artist's copyright and may not be copied, saved, altered, presented or exchanged without written permission from the artist.

Plein Air Painters of El Paso

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