Nina Cobb Walker

Native to the Southwest, Nina Cobb Walker is a progressive modern Classical Impressionist. Having been trained in the tradition of Classical Russian Impressionism, Nina applies the traditional philosophy and techniques of Impressionism to her own work. Her paintings, not only depict the Southwest, but also landscapes across the United States and Europe in a contemporary context. As an active participant in the art community, she has been shown in exhibits across the nation.


Nina changes the way traditional Impressionism is modernly perceived by re-imagining Impressionism and its subject matter. She is respected as a teacher, mentor, and student of progressive Impressionism; her works are held in collections across the United States, and have won many awards including Second Place for Happy Birthday America at the International Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas, Juror’s Choice Award at the 39th National Exhibit Women Artist of the West in Denver, Colorado, and others across the nation. Even though Nina has been a renowned artist since 1979, she still proclaims to be a student of the Art World – providing her modern perspective through Impressionistic styles. By honing her technique and voice, she preserves the rich and significant traditions of Impressionism while contributing to the art communities’ future in Impressionism. Even today, she is constantly reinventing the perspectives through which one may perceive the two hundred year old tradition. Nina Cobb Walker invites the viewer to experience calm and tranquility: reflecting spirituality and looseness of style with realistic elements.

Some of the paintings may be available for sale. All of the artwork is ORIGINAL.

Artist accepts commissions, special requests, portraits, landscapes, etc.

To feature the artist's artwork in your gallery or for any other question, please contact Nina at:


2801 Titanic Avenue, El Paso, Texas  79904

(915) 755-7554

Email: or Website:


Purchase of an original or copy of the same does not give the right to produce or distribute.
The copyright remains the sole property of the artist(s) before and after any sale.
Images are protected under the artist's copyright and may not be copied, saved, altered, presented or exchanged without written permission from the artist.

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