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I presently live in the Santa Teresa, NM where I have come to love the city, the people, and especially my wonderful artist friends. Although I been an Artist my whole life it has been here during the last several years that I have been able to devote myself full time to my passion of creating my art through paint. I have had the wonderful opportunity to travel to several places in the world and to learn and reflect on the beautiful art work of many of the Masters of which all have contributed to my style of work.


I was born and raised in the town of Mesa, AZ just east of the City of Phoenix. As long as I can remember I have always loved to sketch, draw and paint. The real first art class that I took of which I can remember was at the age of twelve when my Mother enrolled me in art classes after believing that I had talent in painting and the potential of growing and becoming better at it. In growing up, going to school, and helping my parents in their restaurant business I wasn’t able to devote the time I would have liked to advance my knowledge and skills in the art world. I knew that at sometime in my life there would come a time of which I would be able to pursue my passion of painting and to create works that have been in my mind and heart for many years.


Shortly after my move to El Paso area several years ago from my home town of Mesa, Arizona my Husband called me as he was crossing over the Rio Grande River and informed me that there was a group of Artists on the Banks of the Rio Grande with their easels and paint brushes. I threw my paints, easel and all my other gear into my car and drove down to the river to find out who these artists were. There I met several members of the El Paso Plein-Air group of which all were wonderful, made me feel welcome of which shortly after I joined their group. It was from this most fortunate event in my life that I have been able to meet many wonderful people that have helped me so much in my dedicated pursuit of becoming a better and more proficient artist.


Presently I am showing my work in El Paso, Texas at the Art & Framing Gallery and also show my work often at local art venues. My work has been shown in the El Paso Times, El Paso Scene, and other media publications and have donated work to causes such as Avance, Buena Vida Adult Day Care, Child Welfare League, KCOS Art Auction and Project Harmony.




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