John Paul Jones

Throughout my school years I spent too much of my time drawing, mostly airplanes. This delighted my friends, frustrated my teachers and assured a less than stellar academic record. Rather than become an artist my dream was to be a professional pilot. I did, but Fate intervened and I became assistant to the Art Director in the Public Relations and Advertising Department of a large corporation.


In reality of course it wasn't that simple but it was the beginning of my formal art education. I became an Art Director, an illustrator, and eventually an artist on my own.  I entered juried competitions and received several awards. My work has been exhibited in the Air Force Museum, Naval Air Museum, American Airlines' C. R. Smith Museum, the Royal Air Force Museum in Great Britain and the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. Two of my paintings are in their permanent collection.


My paintings and illustrations have appeared in a few books, magazines and other periodicals to include the Journal of the American Aviation Historical Society, Aviation History Magazine, The Smithsonian Book of Flight, National Air and Space Museum: A Visit in Pictures, Aviation: A History Through Art and How To Draw Aircraft Like A Pro.


I am proficient with pencil, pastel, watercolor and acrylic.


I'm John Paul Jones, a native El Pasoan and I reside here with my lovely and tolerant wife, Valorie and our dog Sam, a Husky.

Some of the paintings may be for sale. All of the artwork is ORIGINAL.

The artist will accept commissions.

For any questions, please contact John Paul at:


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Plein Air Painters of El Paso

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