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“Lost Treasures-Saving History”

by the Plein Air Painters of El Paso

New show at the Downtown Library

Opening  Friday, December 2, from 4-6 pm.

Show runs through January 2, 2017.


The show will feature paintings done on site. It is about the old buildings in El Paso that have been torn down or are in danger of being taken down and also about how some buildings are being restored or re-purposed.

Artists in the show will be Dorian Clouser, Judy Crumley, Melinda Etzold, Winfrey Hearst, Candy Mayer, Krystyna Robbins, Rami Scully, Nina Walker and others.

Toltec Building & Aleppo Pine

by Dorian Clouser

Downtown from Above

by Candy Mayer

Bridges on the Border

by Winfrey Hearst

Cortez Hotel Through Plaza Leaves

by Dorian Clouser

Gardner Hotel

by Candy Mayer


by Nina Walker

The Plaza

by Nina Walker


by Melinda Etzold

Globe Mills

by Krystyna Robbins

Loading Dock at Globe Mills

by Krystyna Robbins

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